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Application Developer / Software Engineer

Build the world’s best connected health product and platform.

From Medication Management to Addiction Treatment to Clinical Trials for new life saving treatments, PillDrill has been recognized as an industry leader in the intelligent design & implementation of connected health technology.

You will work closely with a small team of A+ players - including the founding team - to help evolve and improve the existing PillDrill offering. Attributes of your work environment will include:

  • High autonomy
  • High impact
  • Broad exposure to all aspects of the business
  • Flexible hours (including office hours)
  • An informal yet driven pursuit of excellence

Join us. Help us reach our most ambitious goals yet - Addiction recovery, Cardiovascular Health & Oncology.

The crux of the product’s evolution is taking place on the software front, where we are building a two-sided technology platform capable of being used by both patients and managers throughout the course of treatment:

1] Enterprise web portal - This is the primary touchpoint for the “care team” (physicians, coaches, data scientists etc.) during the course of any research or treatment program, and also where all data is managed, sorted & presented.

2] User-facing app - Along with the in-home Hub, PillDrill’s companion app is used regularly by patients to get reminders for medication or appointments, log doses, moods & symptoms, review their adherence data and more.

We’re hiring multiple developers to work on one or more of these areas - let us know which areas interest you.

Area 1 : Platform Development - Develop all aspects of the PillDrill online web portal
A typical day would include:
  • Creating, maintaining & querying data structures to securely store sensitive patient information
  • Developing & deploying new APIs to integrate with a variety of internal and external products
  • Designing & creating the Web App front-end to enable users to quickly get the info they need
  • Developing client apps and Packaging data for consumption by data scientists & third parties
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
  • Experience / background in full stack development
  • Hands-on experience with Databases such as MS SQL Server
  • Hands-on experience with building APIs
  • Proficiency in C# - Java potentially useful
  • Proficiency in Visual Studio or other similar tools
  • Proficiency in basic web development concepts (HTML, CSS)
  • 3 years min work experience - experience at a Startup a plus
Area 2 : iOS & Android Development - Develop Models, Views and the Controller for the primary user product
A typical day would include:
  • Developing API calls for faster loading & communication
  • Implementing UI data binding and State Management
  • Managing offline data storage to speed up interaction time
  • Defining the UI navigation design and flow for all user interactions
  • Developing custom UI elements & gestures to enable quick user actions
  • Building unique screens to meet the changing informational needs of users
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
  • Experience / background in front-end & UI development
  • Experience / background in back-end API integration
  • Hands-on experience with iOS SDK [for iOS] and/or Android SDK [for Android]
  • Proficiency in Objective-C - C/C++, Swift useful [for iOS] and/or - Kotlin useful [for Android]
  • Proficiency in Xcode [for iOS] and/or Android studio [for Android]
  • Proficiency in Photoshop / Adobe creative suite preferred
  • 1 year min work experience in a professional product environment doing Mobile Apps
  • Expect to see Apps that are in the store, screenshots / videos & specific code contributions
Cross-functional Responsibilities for All Roles:
  • Engage and collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop & deliver state-of-the-art system solutions
    • including Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering and Marketing/Business Development teams
  • Contribute technical assessments to strategic decision-making relating to technology and investments
  • Draft and communicate updates to the teams pertaining to key development checkpoints
  • Comfort with a fast-paced environment and appetite for Innovation, Rigor & Excellence
  • Strong communication (written & verbal) & problem solving skills - self-starter driving problems to resolution

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