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30-Day Money

Back Guarantee

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No Subscriptions

HSA/FSA Eligible


30-Day Money

Back Guarantee

No Subscriptions

HSA/FSA Eligible

What is PillDrill?

An easy-to-use medication tracking system that reminds you when pills are due, tracks that you've taken them, and instantly notifies loved ones.


Clear, timely alerts. The Hub reminds you when medication is due.


A quick scan. Wave your pill container over the Hub to log each dose as taken.


Instant updates. Real-time notifications keep loved ones in the loop.
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The Gift of Independence

Clear reminders. Easy tracking. A helping hand when needed. PillDrill is a simple addition that gives loved ones independence while providing their family and caregivers peace of mind with the PillDrill app that keeps them in the loop.

PillDrill for Families

The Gift of Independence

Clear reminders. Easy tracking. A helping hand when needed. It’s a light overlay that makes people feel good about managing their health. The PillDrill app keeps family and caregivers up to speed so they can stay in the loop without nagging.


Take Charge of Your
Med Routine

PillDrill’s intuitive scanning system makes it easy to manage your med routine at home. And the PillDrill app makes sure you stay on track everywhere else, too. 


Elevate Your Care

PillDrill’s affordable medication management solutions help you provide a higher level of care. With the powerful combination of medication and mood-tracking capabilities, you can see treatment impacts in real-time!


PillDrill May be Covered by Insurance!

Medicare members may get PillDrill for as little as $0 by enrolling in a remote care program with our trusted partner, CareTalk Health. Must be on Medicare to be eligible.

Learn more and see if you qualify! 


Feedback From Our Users!

PillDrill has helped thousands of users better manage their care, or care for a loved one. 

“Love this system, so does my husband, who doesn’t have to hear me say ‘Have you taken your meds yet?’ And invariably he hadn’t. He’s been right on time ever since using PillDrill.”

Valerie E., Montreal

“I was surprised how easy it was to get the system set up and ready for use. Within a matter of minutes, I had recorded the medications and supplements I take each day along with the number of each pill taken and the times of day for each dose.”


“I sometimes forget whether I took a prescription or accidentally take two doses. I haven’t found a reliable solution. Using a medication reminder app is just another thing to forget. The PillDrill is different. It is a unique medication tracking system that has actually worked for me.”

Katarina Z.

“I bought this system months ago for my mother. The base is clear and easy to read, as are the set up instructions. I set up her pills and the unit alarms when she should take them. Once she scans the capsule- I get a message through the app that she has taken her pills. Fantastic product! Well worth the money!”

Tina K.

Smart Medication Tracking that Simply Works!

$199 with free shipping & handling.
No subscriptions.