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Tina K.

"Peace of mind"

“I bought this system months ago for my mother. The base is clear and easy to read, as are the set up instructions. I set up her pills and the unit alarms when she should take them. Once she scans the capsule- I get a message through the app that she has taken her pills. Fantastic product!”

Lisa A.

"Never forget pills"

“PillDrill has been great for me and my poor memory! PillDrill takes care of me, because I don’t have to wonder if I took my meds. It’s so easy to set up and use. I love how it reports how I’ve been doing, too. Doctors should prescribe PillDrill.”

Kim B.


“My son is 14 with ADHD and has had problems in the past remembering to take his ADHD meds. Pill Drill has been great, because it alerts my cellphone every morning when he takes the meds. No more nagging, no more uncertainty. Really eases our minds.”

For Individuals

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“Love this system, so does my husband, who doesn’t have to hear me say ‘Have you taken your meds yet?’ And invariably he hadn’t. He’s been right on time ever since using PillDrill.”

— Valerie E., Montreal

“My PillDrill has been a true godsend in my life. The system is genius.”

— Breanna, Texas

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For Individuals

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Awards & Accolades

2016 ECRM Best New
Home Health Product

2017 CES
Innovation Award

2016 Medication Management
System of the Year

Smart medication tracking that simply worksTM.

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