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First Time Setup

What’s in my PillDrill kit?

  1. The PillDrill Hub. The Hub is the heart of the system. It sits next to your pills at home, knows your medication schedule, and issues clear audio-visual alerts when doses are due. To register a dose as taken, wave its container over the scanning pad.
  2. Scanning Tags. These small, lettered, RFID-enabled tags allow you to “activate” any pill bottle or other container. Attach a tag to any container, and it’s ready to scan. Scanning a tagged item will instantly register it as taken.
  3. Weekly Pill Strips. The strips are our version of an AM/PM weekly pill organizer. They work the same way, except that each pill pod removes individually and has a built-in scanning tag on its base. You can attach as many strips together as you need to accommodate your daily routine.
  4. The Mood Cube. The mood cube is a wellness tracker with five faces: Great, Good, OK, Bad, and Awful. Each face has a built-in scanning tag for easy scanning. Scan any face to instantly communicate to loved ones how you’re feeling and/or track your health patterns over time.
  5. Elastic tag holders. Each kit contains several elastic tag holders, which are designed to help you attach scanning tags to irregularly shaped items. To use the elastic tag holders, slip a scanning tag into the plastic case and stretch the elastic cord tightly around the medication container you’d like to track. This is ideal for eye drops, insulin pens, flat packs, etc.
  6. Power Adapter and USB Cable. The Power Adapter and USB Cable are meant for use with the PillDrill Hub. To power up, plug one end into an electrical outlet and the other end into the base of the Hub.
  7. Quick Start Guide. In the lid of your box, there will be a teal booklet entitled “Quick Start Guide”. This booklet will explain the PillDrill system in more detail, as well as initial setup.

For a more detailed explanation of the components in your Kit, please download the PillDrill User Guide.

How do I set up my PillDrill?

  1. Power up the Hub near the medications of the person who will be using PillDrill, and within range of an available Wi-Fi network. To power up, insert one end of the USB Cable into the Power Adapter and plug that into an electrical outlet. Plug the other end into the base of the PillDrill Hub.
  2. Once plugged in, the Hub will play a welcome sound, the light ring will glow teal momentarily, and the screen will say, “Welcome to PillDrill”. Following that, the light ring will begin flashing blue to indicate that the Hub is in Wi-Fi pairing mode, and the screen will say, “Ready to set up, visit pilldrill.com/setup to continue.”
  3. To continue setup, visit www.pilldrill.com/setup to download the PillDrill mobile app. You can also download the mobile app directly from the App Store™ or Google Play™. If you’d prefer to use PillDrill without using the mobile app, choose the option “Setup on a PC” or “Setup on a Mac” from www.pilldrill.com/setup.
  4. The app will guide you through the setup process, which includes account registration, Wi-Fi pairing, and medication scheduling. For a more detailed explanation of the setup process, download the PillDrill User Guide.
  5. Once you have completed the setup process, your PillDrill should be ready for use. If you encounter any unexpected device behavior at this stage, try rebooting the Hub by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

What is the app’s guided setup process?

There are three parts of the app’s setup process, as described below.

  1. Registering your account.

    After you open the app, press “Sign Up” to create a basic profile. This will include your name, phone number, time zone, email address, and password. On the next screen, you will be asked whether you’ll be using PillDrill to care for yourself or someone else. If you select “Someone else”, you will also be prompted to enter some basic information about them (e.g. name, time zone).

  2. Wi-Fi pairing: Once you’ve created your account, the app will help you get the PillDrill Hub connected to your Wi-Fi network through a short pairing process. For more detail, download the PillDrill User Guide.
    • First, you will be prompted to leave the app, go into your device’s settings, and select the Wi-Fi network called “Photon-####” (where “XXXX” is a randomized 4-digit code). This is a temporary Wi-Fi network broadcast by the Hub.
    • Once connected to the Photon network, return to the PillDrill app and press “Continue.”
    • The app will then display a list of available Wi-Fi networks in your area. Select the Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect to, then enter the Wi-Fi password on the following screen. The app will then attempt to connect the Hub to your home Wi-Fi network.
    • If successful, the device will show an “updating” screen for a few moments while it downloads the latest software. Once the Hub is done updating, the screen will display the date and time which means you have successfully paired the Hub to your Wi-Fi network.

    NOTE: It is completely normal for the light ring to blink several colors during the “updating” screen. This process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on your internet connection. If this process takes longer than five minutes, check your internet connectivity, reboot the Hub, and try again.

  3. Medication scheduling: The app will then guide you through the creation of a medication schedule, which consists of two parts: (1) scheduling pill strips - if applicable; (2) tagging and scheduling other medications. For more detailed information on how to tag medications, view our video tutorial.

Connectivity Issues

Q: I can’t connect the PillDrill Hub to my Wi-Fi network.

If you’re having trouble connecting the Hub to your home Wi-Fi network, try the following:

  • Make sure you are in range of the Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect to by moving the Hub closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network does not have a Captive Portal (a temporary or log-in type connection).
  • Reboot and try pairing your Wi-Fi again.

If the problem persists, contact our support team at support@pilldrill.com.

Q: When I power up my PillDrill, the light ring is not blinking blue. What should I do?

This is a very uncommon scenario but easily fixed. To manually put your PillDrill into pairing mode, power up the PillDrill hub while simultaneously holding the CENTER and DOWN buttons.

Download the user guide for a more detailed explanation.

Q: The light ring is blinking several colors at the same time.

Once Wi-Fi pairing is complete, it is normal for your Hub to flash several different colors — this indicates that it’s downloading the most recent software. If this process lasts longer than 5 minutes, however, try rebooting your PillDrill Hub. If the problem persists, contact our Customer Support team at support@pilldrill.com.

Q. My PillDrill Hub used to be connected to my Wi-Fi network, but now it reset itself and is blinking blue.

If your PillDrill Hub has reverted to the Wi-Fi pairing state (flashing blue light, screen that says “Ready to set up, visit www.pilldrill.com/setup to continue”, this means that the Hub was somehow disconnected from your Wi-Fi network. In this case, you will likely need to re-pair the Hub to your Wi-Fi network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I scan something?

To complete a scan, you must wave a tagged item (i.e. a container with a scanning tag, a pill pod, or a mood cube) over the symbol on the right side of PillDrill Hub.

View the video tutorial.

Q. When I scan an item, sometimes the screen shows a (+) sign under the medication name. Why is that?

The (+) sign simply means that this item was scanned outside of a schedule. This could mean that the scheduled dose window for this item was missed, or that the item was taken on an “as-needed” basis. (This would often be the case for medications such as pain relievers.)

Q. How does the Hub remind me to take my medication?

When a schedule dose is due, the Hub reminds you in three ways: (1) The light ring glows teal. (2) The Hub sounds an alert every 10 seconds. (3) The screen displays precise dosage information. The light and sound portion of the reminder will turn off automatically after 10 minutes; the screen will display what’s due for the duration of that item’s dose window.

View the video tutorial.

Q. How do I mute the alarm?

To mute the alarm, simply tap any of the buttons on the Hub. This will immediately turn off the sound and light portions of the alarm - but the screen will continue displaying what’s due.

Q. How do I change the Hub’s volume or screen brightness?

Hold the UP button for three seconds to be taken to the advanced menu. From the advanced menu, tap the CENTER button to toggle through various screens including volume and brightness control. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the levels.

View the video tutorial.

You may also use the app to update these settings. Make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi and online. Then go to the “Hub” section of the App or Web-Application and select your Hub. You simply need to select the Volume or Brightness setting in the app to instantly change the setting.

Q. The Hub’s screen is really bright at night. What can I do about that?

To modify the brightness of the screen, you can either change the permanent screen brightness (as above) or put the screen to sleep temporarily. To put the screen to sleep, hold the DOWN button for 3 seconds. The screen will remain asleep until a) you tap one of the Hub’s buttons, (b) a scan occurs, or c) an item becomes due.

View the video tutorial.

Q. What are the different types of phone notifications I can receive?

PillDrill is designed to help people take their medication on time, and connect those people with loved ones who care about their health. As such, the various adherence notifications are designed to be customizable to fit any scenario.

There are five types of notifications, all of which can be sent via the app, SMS, and/or email.

  • Alert on reminder: Receive a message anytime a dose is due.
  • Alert on scheduled scan: Receive a message anytime a scheduled dose has been taken.
  • Alert on unscheduled scan: Receive a message anytime an unscheduled dose has been taken
  • Alert when late: Receive a message when a dose is overdue, but still within the dose window.
  • Alert on missed scan: Receive a message when the dose window for a specific item has been missed.

To change your notification settings at any time, go to the “Manage Notifications” section in the app.

PillDrill User Guide

The PillDrill User Guide can be downloaded here.

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