Meet the team.

We're a group of problem solvers dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life.

Peter Havas

Peter is the Founder and CEO of PillDrill. He previously co-founded, which brought gourmet sandwiches to the Internet and was later acquired by the West Coast’s iconic Specialty’s Café & Bakery. Peter was Specialty’s CTO for a decade.

Cameron Carrett

Cameron is the Co-Founder and VP Software of PillDrill. He has been coding since the age of 7 across a multitude of platforms and languages. Cameron and Peter have worked together for 16 years.

Jacob Guernsey

Jacob is the Creative Director and VP Business Development of PillDrill. He is the team’s resident human and previously worked as a branding and strategic planning consultant.

Chris Li

Chris Li is the VP Product Design of PillDrill. Formerly, he helped design and build Kindle e-readers at Amazon.

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