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What Our Users Are Saying

“Honestly I have no idea how I survived without this simple, affordable, and easy-to-use tool in my life.”

Norman H.

“As a chronically ill person, the bane of my existence is my medication. I take multiple pills three times a day and with three kids, a full-time job plus a household to run, sometimes my pills get forgotten. Ok, a lot of times my pills get forgotten. With technology as far advanced as it is, I was wondering why this has to be so hard. Then PillDrill came into my life.”

Jen R.

“I bought this system months ago for my mother. The base is clear and easy to read, as are the set up instructions. I set up her pills and the unit alarms when she should take them. Once she scans the capsule- I get a message through the app that she has taken her pills. Fantastic product! Well worth the money!”

Tina K.

“I really, really love this product. As a person with multiple chronic illnesses and a transplant candidate this is the first thing I've found that has actually made my med tracking easier. The company puts a lot of time and effort into user testing and feedback, which is awesome. Far too many companies don't do this and think they know what people need but it ends up falling short or being less than practical. For me, this has been a very worthwhile investment and makes it easier for me to remember what I've taken and when.”

Nicole S.

“It's an easy, easy thing to do. Takes one second out of her life. And that one second changes my life.”

Ed G.

“I love the platform. Well put together and impressive quality. It just works! Unparalleled help with medication adherence; family worries less.”

Scott B.

“I. LOVE. IT. I can't even describe how much I love this. My first impression when I opened the box was how sophisticated and well thought out everything was. The unit comes with two strips, one for the morning and one for the night. It also came with alphabetical tags for the medications that don't go in the little cubbies. I love that I'm able to track all my medications and my adherence to them. My favorite part is the little cubbies for my pills. It's like having little pots for your doses, and they pop out, so you can take them anywhere. The size is perfect because it's small enough to be convenient, but big enough to fit the horse pills that some of us take. The app that can be used with the system is amazing! You can use the mood cube to track your emotional health, and keep track of the medications you've taken even when you're away from home.”

Ciara S.

“My son is 14 with ADHD and has had problems in the past remembering to take his ADHD meds - because ADHD! Even with daily reminders from us, he would often think he had taken them, when in fact he was just remembering taking them the day before. Pill Drill has been great, because it alerts my cellphone every morning when he takes the medication. No more nagging, no more uncertainty. Really eases our minds. It even serves as a backup alarm to wake him up in the morning!”

Kim B.

“This is a great system that does all it promises, and fulfills a serious need in the patient and caretaking community.”

Dianne M.

“PillDrill has been great for me and my poor memory! PillDrill takes care of me, because I don't have to wonder if I took my medicine. I love the PillDrill! It tells me when to take the pills. It's so easy to set up and easy to use. I love how it reports how I've been doing, too. Doctors should prescribe PillDrill :)”

Lisa A.

“I sometimes forget whether I took a prescription or accidentally take two doses. I haven’t found a reliable solution. Using a medication reminder app is just another thing to forget. The PillDrill is different. It is a unique medication tracking system that has actually worked for me.”

Katarina Z.

“I cannot express how much I value this system for making my life easier. With chronic illness and pain comes a lot of fatigue, mental grogginess, and brainfog. I’m not the best at maintaining a routine with medication. However, we all know it is important we do so. I really love it. The PillDrill is a perfect system for someone like me and also for caregivers.”

Nikki A.

“Love this system, so does my husband, who doesn’t have to hear me say ‘Have you taken your meds yet?’ And invariably he hadn’t. He’s been right on time ever since using PillDrill.”

Valerie E., Montreal

“I was surprised how easy it was to get the system set up and ready for use. Within a matter of minutes, I had recorded the medications and supplements I take each day along with the number of each pill taken and the times of day for each dose.”


“This system is feature-rich and pretty while still being modular and flexible. The pill strips are absolute keepers.”

Dianne M.

“In the time that I have had the PillDrill, I experienced better A1C, increased consistency with taking medications, and a better bond with friends who care about me.”

Phyllisa D.

“It is absolutely amazing how my life has changed with Pill Drill. I can hear the alarm go off almost anywhere in the house and I go in, swipe the pod or bottle(s) on the hub, and take my medicine. If I am out, I just make sure I have what I will need with me and my phone alerts me. I can clear the item through the app and it will relay it to the hub.”

PillDrill User

“The peace of mind this system has brought both of us can’t be overstated.”

Carolyn C.

“As simple as advertised.”

Maria M.

“The difference PillDrill has made to my life is phenomenal. It's made it faster, easier, and I'm more confident I can take care of myself.

PillDrill User

“I can easily see when the medicine was taken, which medicine was taken, and I don’t have to nag or become the grand inquisitor. It makes our relationship better.”

Dirk H.

“There’s nothing else like it — PillDrill is the medication management system of my dreams.”

Lindsey F.

“It is absolutely amazing how my life has changed with PillDrill. I can hear the alarm go off almost anywhere in the house and I go in, swipe, and take my medicine. If I’m out, my phone alerts me. It allows me to be in control of one part of my chronic health.”

Lydia B.

“I try not to have my medications all over my room, or reminders of my illness lying around, so having something that can easily be disguised (and used!) as a clock is really nice.”

PillDrill User

“The app is incredibly useful. At a glance, I can see how I’ve been feeling in correlation to how many times I’ve had to take pain medications. It’s a great tool to have at my fingertips for doctor’s appointments.”

Molly S.

“While the system might be called PillDrill, it's useful for tracking more than pills. I also use this system to track my rescue inhaler, my nebulizer treatments, my vitamins and supplements, and even certain essential oils - all in hoping of finding the pattern to feeling my best. I could also see the scannable tags being used for tracking a certain food that you think might be causing symptoms, or even exercise - why not put a tracking tag on the dog leash so that you can see how many days you actually got out and exercised this week? 10/10, would recommend. But seriously.”

Jennifer L.

“I’m notorious for getting involved, distracted, whatever you want to call it and letting five hours slip by. This is where the pilldrill saves my life. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked up and said, “Ah! I was supposed to take that medicine four hours ago!” The PillDrill brings me back to reality and says, “Hey you, get up and take your medicine!” Two thumbs up for the pilldrill and all its pill reminding, medicine tracking wonders.”

Stacey P.

“I love my PillDrill. Setup was super easy and in a matter of minutes I had all of my medications scanned and scheduled. Staying on track with my medications has never been easier. I have hardly any missed or skipped doses since using it and the mood cube really helps me see how often I am feeling bad due to migraine pain or even on days when depression and anxiety flare-up.”

Jaime M.

“For a super busy mom like me, it is a god-send. When I get into my work mode I am definitely grateful for the alarm reminding me to take my medication because I can get into the zone writing or editing pictures and forget the world. I didn’t think the app on my phone would make a difference but it actually has.”

Jen R.

“The mood cube is seriously the best and a fun way to track your moods, how you’re feeling. The notifications on the app via my iPhone was perfect.”

Jamie S.

“My PillDrill has been a true Godsend in my life. Overall, I cannot imagine life without my new favorite gadget. Whether you take a host of supplements to support proper bodily function or you just need to not forget your heart medication, this system is genius.”

Brea G.

“Overall, I only have good things to say about the PillDrill smart medication system! I love having it as a bedside clock, it’s appearance is simple, modern, it does it’s job (well!) and the app makes it easy to check on the go, to remind me and it’s simple set-up made was fuss-free.”

Julia S.

Smart Medication Tracking that Simply Works!

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