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"No matter your medication schedule, PillDrill can manage it."

Lindsey F., Kansas

The Hub

at Home

PillDrill’s intuitive scanning system makes it

easy to manage your med routine at home.

The Hub at Home

The App

on the Go

…And the PillDrill app makes sure you stay

on track everywhere else, too.

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Medicare Eligible
HSA/FSA Eligible
“It is absolutely amazing how my life has changed with PillDrill. I can hear the alarm go off anywhere in the house and I go in, swipe, and take my medicine. If I’m out, my phone alerts me. It allows me to be in control of my chronic health.”

- Lydia B.

“I try not to have medications or reminders of my illness lying around, so having something that can easily be disguised (and used!) as a clock is really nice.”

 - Julia, Canada

“The app is incredibly useful. At a glance, I can see how I’ve been feeling in correlation to how many times I’ve had to take pain medications. It’s a great tool to have at my fingertips for doctor’s appointments.”

 - Molly S.

Smart Medication Tracking that Simply Works!

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