PillDrill for


Watch Jim and Valerie's story

“The worry is gone. Completely gone.”

— Valerie E., Montreal

The Hub
For Them

Our simple scanning system makes sure your loved one takes their meds on time, every time.

The App
For You

…And the app keeps you up to speed so you can stay in the loop without nagging.

The Gift of Independence

Clear reminders. Easy tracking. A helping hand when needed. It’s a light overlay that makes people feel good about managing their health.

“The difference PillDrill has made to my life is phenomenal. It's made it faster, easier, and I'm more confident I can take care of myself.”

— Gerry, Australia

No more nagging,
no more uncertainty

“Mom, did you take your pills yet?” is a thing of the past with PillDrill’s real-time adherence updates.

“I can easily see when the medicine was taken, which medicine was taken, and I don’t have to nag or become the grand inquisitor. It makes our relationship better.”

— Dirk H.

Weekly Reports

Each Monday, you’ll receive an adherence report for the week. Share it with your doctor, track improvements over time, or just keep it as a health record.

“It just works. Simple, no hassle, and takes the worry out of the medication regimen entirely.”

— Susan H.

Easy to set up

Plug in the hub, connect to Wi-Fi, and create a medication schedule. You’ll be up and running in 10 minutes or less.