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How PillDrill works

Setup in 4 easy steps

Plug in the Hub


Download the app

Connect to Wi-Fi

Schedule your meds

The Hub reminds you when medication is due

The hub sits next to your medication at home, knows your dosing schedule, and provides clear audio-visual alerts whenever something is due.

Scan your pill container tolog each dose as taken

Our scanning tags allow you to “activate” any pill bottle or other container. Attach a tag to any container, and it’s ready to scan. When you take a dose, wave its container over the hub to mark it as taken.

…Or use PillDrill’s weeklypill organizer

If you keep medication in an AM/PM pillbox, our weekly pill strip offers the same organization while being uniquely PillDrill-compatible. Each pod removes individually and has a built-in scanning tag on its base.

Scan the Mood Cube to track how you’re feeling

The Mood Cube has 5 faces — Great, Good, OK, Bad, and Awful. Scan any face to register your current mood or pain level, instantly communicate how you feel to loved ones, and begin tracking your wellness over time.

The app syncs with the Hub in real time

Use the PillDrill app to create and edit a medication schedule, get reminders and log doses on the go, or simply be notified about a loved one’s adherence and mood throughout the day.

Smart medication trackingthat simply worksTM.

$199 with free shipping & handling.
No Subscriptions.