Meet the Founders. 

 Their brilliance became your benefit.

Peter Havas

Peter is the Founder and CEO of PillDrill. He previously co-founded, which brought gourmet sandwiches to the Internet and was later acquired by the West Coast’s iconic Specialty’s Café & Bakery. Peter was Specialty’s CTO for a decade.

Cameron Carrett

Cameron is the Co-Founder and VP Software of PillDrill. He has been coding since the age of 7 across a multitude of platforms and languages. Cameron and Peter have worked together for 16 years.

Jacob Guernsey

Jacob is the VP Marketing of PillDrill. He is a versatile strategic thinker who connects the dots between products and the people who use them. He previously worked as a brand strategy consultant.

Chris Li

Chris Li is the VP Product Design of PillDrill. Formerly, he helped design and build Kindle e-readers at Amazon.

Dhaval Patel

Dhaval is the VP Hardware of PillDrill. He comes from 8+ years at Apple, where he worked on MacBooks, Apple Watch, iPad and the legendary iPhone. Dhaval led the first Force-Haptic Trackpad, managed the 3D-Touch technology team and the Wireless Charging organization.

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