A tour inside

The PillDrill Kit

The Kit

The PillDrill system consists of the following six items. Scroll down to learn more about each one.

The Hub is the heart of the PillDrill system. Plug it in at home, get reminded when meds are due, and scan to track your intake.

  • • Customizable reminders
  • • Large, easy-to-read screen
  • • Buttons scroll through daily history
  • • Clock during idle state

Our weekly pill organizer lets you consolidate pills in a familiar fashion while being uniquely PillDrill-compatible.

  • • Each pod has built-in scanning tag
  • • Lids are easy to open and close
  • • Hidden security strap for traveling
  • • Attach extra strips as needed

Our scanning tags allow you to “activate” any pill bottle or other container. Attach a tag to any container, and it’s ready to scan.

  • • Tags adhere directly to pill bottles
  • • 12 lettered tags (A-L) included
  • • Additional tag set (M-Z) available

Our tag holders help you tag injections, inhalers, eye drops, and other irregularly shaped items.

  • • Easily wraps around any item
  • • 3 tag holders included
  • • Additional tag holders available

The Mood Cube has five scannable faces to help you track how you’re feeling in addition to what you’re taking.

  • • Register current mood
  • • Instantly notify loved ones
  • • Track health patterns over time

The app syncs with the Hub in real time. It can be used by the PillDrill user and/or family members and caregivers.

  • • Create and edit med schedules
  • • Get reminders and log doses
  • • Receive adherence updates
  • • Track mood and symptoms
  • • App not required for use

Smart medication trackingthat simply worksTM.

$199 with free shipping & handling.
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